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Cutest Demon Spawns: Swirl & Zero

My kiddo wanted a chinchilla and I was avoiding it like the plague. They’re little alien-looking creatures that everyone thinks is cute. They’ve ever drawn me in and we all know the parents take over care of the animals. We were all talking one day and someone brought up ferrets. My kiddo was curious about them. I had never been around anyone with ferrets. I kept hearing they smell bad and they’re mean. I started joining Facebook groups about ferrets and researching it to death, per usual. And for Christmas 2018, we adopted Swirl, our cute dark sabled ferret.

Now, If you know anything about ferrets you know they are SUPER social. They should be adopted in pairs. There’s so much mismatched information out there. Unless you are a pet-in-tow traveler who is with your ferret most of the day, they need a fuzzbutt friend. So, in June 2019 along came Zero, our cute demon spawn white/grey ferret. They eat a mixture of Wysong ferret food and Young again ferret food. It is SO important to feed ferrets good quality food and mix, at least, two so that if one is out in a store (unlikely, but still) you have a backup… OR if you’re me, your kiddo leaves a door open and your German Shepherd eats 4lbs of ferret food. Yes, he is fine. Yes, he did have gas and diarrhea. No, he had no remorse.

Onto the smell… they have a musky syrup-like smell. Like every animal, they can smell. Especially after a fresh poop. Just like a cat’s litter box. I do see why so many have had past experiences with smelly ferrets though. People filled cages with bedding or litter. Yuck. I use a puppy pad in the bottom left of their Ferret Nation and just change it. They have fleece liners in their cage that I can toss in the wash 🙂 It’s so much easier than the old days, apparently.

Swirl’s personality: Gentle, loveable creature to people… UFC fighter to Zero. Never bites. Doesn’t really stash unless it’s keys. Is a drink-aholic… WILL knock over cups to get drinks. He is thirsty af. Nosey as hell. He will get all up in your business and wonder what you’re doing, but will ironically not ever want to cuddle except for twice a year. There’s a Swirl cuddle quota, apparently. His nickname is “Swirly” and no, we did not see the horrible side of that until later. It is a nickname that is staying though. His name came from my kiddo because he looked like a chocolate/vanilla swirl ice-cream.

Zero’s personality: Wakes up everyday and chooses violence to people’s feet and ankles… wishes Swirl would stop the UFC matches, but does participate. Stashes ALL the things… under my bed and under my bathroom counter. Favorite thing for Zero to stash is my slippers and stuffed animals… and recently, my animatronic Grogu (Grogu is now safely on top of my headboard). Zero’s nickname is “Judgy snake” because his face shape is snake-like and his eyes are always squinting/judging. He will find you… and he will judge you.

Their home… yes, they are spoiled. And yes, that is two double-story ferret nations hooked together on top.

Drop any questions you have about the ferrets below… or email

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok. Swirl and Zero are attention whores and really want your love. And look out for posts about the ferrets day to day, hiking, gear I have for them, and camping with them


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